Information for the 2018 Chance 2 Dance Showcase Performance

The 2018 Showcase will take part in two separate shows, one will begin at 1:00 and the other at 3:30. Please look at the information below to see which locations will be performing in which shows as well as check-in times, performance times and other general information. 

Information for Show 1

Locations Performing:

  • C2D Studio

  • UCP - Bailes

  • The Paragon School

  • Inspire of Central Florida

Dancer Check-In Time: 12:30

Performance Start Time: 1:00

Information for Show 2

Locations Performing:

  • C2D Studio

  • UCP - Seminole

  • OCA

  • Morning Star Catholic School

  • Princeton House Charter School

  • Quest Kids Academy 

  • Quest Inc. South

  • Primrose Center

  • Northland Church

  • Celandine Life Prep Academy

Dancer Check-In Time: 3:00

Performance Start Time: 3:30

General Information:

  • Please have performing dancers wear black work-out shorts, leggings, or pants they can dance in. A performance shirt will be provided upon your arrival during check-in. 

  • The Showcase will take place at the Orlando Repertory Theatre (Universal Theatre) located at: 1001 E. Princeton St. Orlando, FL, 32803

  • Family, Friends and Guests will need to direct themselves to our 'Ticket Table' that will be right inside the front door. Seating is first come-first serve, and the theater has 300 seats. 

  • Once you have your tickets, the dancer and 1 guardian will go to the 'Dancer Check-In' table to receive performance T-shirts, wristband, and Take-A-Bow gift bag. 

  • The show will begin by having all dancers on-stage for a 'Warm-Up Dance'. We will have C2D professionals on and backstage so spectators can enjoy the show. 

  • After each performance, C2D instructors will send dancers back to sit with families in the audience for the remainder of the show. If you want to leave early, please do so in-between dances

  • Sit back, and enjoy the show! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

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