It is Chance 2 Dance's mission to provide children, youth, and adults with varying disabilities and special needs the opportunity to participate in a purposeful, quality dance program with professional dance instructors who are certified in inclusion and special needs. 


To give back to the community and families through performance and community events; showcasing the talents and abilities of each individual participant, providing this population with opportunities they may not otherwise receive.

Creating Opportunities for All

Every successful organization has a good reason for 'why' they do what they do. With Chance 2 Dance, Nicole Warren met a young man named Kirk (pictured left) when she was in college. As a life long dancer, she thought Kirk might want to dance, and one day she asked him if he wanted to and he answered 'yes'. 

So she started playing music and creating simple movements that he could replicate, such as picking his hands and feet up off of his wheelchair to the beat of the music. It may not have looked like much to the average person, but Nicole knew she was making meaningful progress with him that was having an impact. 

While working with Kirk, Nicole realized that when she graduated, there wasn't going to be any option for Kirks family to put him in dance classes and keep him moving, which is where the need for Chance 2 Dance became apparent. 

There are over 320,000 individuals with disabilities under the age of 21 in the state of Florida, and this segment of the population is grossly overlooked and has significantly less options available for enrichment activities such as dance class. And that is why it is Chance 2 Dance's mission to provide those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a purposeful, quality program with trained and certified instructors. 

Since Chance 2 Dance's inception in 2016, we have served over 2,100 individuals with disabilities in Central Florida, and opened the states first sensory friendly dance studio. We are pioneering a process to help those with disabilities get moving, and have built a scalable curriculum that we hope will spread across the country. 

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