Chance 2 Dance is proud to announce our first annual Dance-A-Thon & Parents Night Out!

Frequently asked questions

How will drop-off and pick-up be managed?

When a participant is dropped off, we will confirm that the parent/guardian we have on file to pick the participant up matches. When the participant is picked up, a member of the C2D staff will confirm that the person picking them up is the individual we have on file. We will have at least one person dedicated to drop-off and pick-up with each participant's information.

Will I be required to sign a liability waiver?

If your participant already has a liability waiver on file, we will not require one to be signed for this event, but if we do not have one on file, we will require it to be signed before they can participate in the Dance-A-Thon.

How will C2D keep participants safe during the Dance-A-Thon?

Our elopement-proof doors will prevent any individuals from leaving during the event. Dancers will not be allowed to leave once they are inside unless they are being picked up by the parent/guardian that is on their registration form. We will have at least one person monitoring outside during the event, to manage drop-offs, and ensure the only people who are in attendance are staff, parents/guardians or the participants. Seminole County Sheriffs Department will also be present outside during the event.

Can I volunteer to help at the Dance-A-Thon?

You can! Just register to volunteer on the link in the previous page.

What if I want to attend but not as a volunteer?

That's absolutely fine too. We will have a quieter room in the back where parents/guardians can be present but not responsible for helping manage those dancing the night away. Anyone who is staying must clarify on the registration form.

What will be provided for the participants?

We understand that 4-10 p.m. is a long time. We will have water, and other various snacks available for those participating and volunteering. Because of dietary restrictions, we ask that anyone who would like their participant to eat a meal at the event bring it with them, and we will be able to store it in a refrigerator until it's needed.

Does my participant have to be there the whole time?

No. They can be dropped off and picked up at any point during the 4-10pm window.

What is the age range for participants?

8 years and up. Anyone 11 and under will be required to have an adult present.

Am I required to register before the event?

Yes, in order for us to plan for this event, we require all participants to register before. The deadline for registration will be at 5PM on October 25th.

Is there a fee if I am unable to get any pledges/sponsors for this event?

Yes. If someone wants to participate and doesn't have any pledges for the event, admission is $25.

What happens if I haven't submitted a pledge form online and do not bring a PDF to the event?

The pledge form will serve as a ticket for this event. If we don't have one submitted before and the participant doesn't bring a printed out pledge form to the event, they will be required to pay the $25 drop-in fee for the event.

Please remember that if you have submitted all pledges online, you are not required to bring a printed out version to the event. This will be confirmed via email to everyone who has registered and submitted pledges, and everyone who has registered but not submitted pledges will be notified via email that they will need to bring a pledge form to the event.

Who is this event for?

Everyone ages 8 and up. Bring your friends, family, and anyone else who likes to dance. Please note: Dancers ages 11 and under are required to have parental supervision at the event.

When and where is this event?

It is from 4-10 PM on November 1, 2019, and the location is either the C2D black box theatre, or the Lake Mary Community Center, depending on the number of registrations. We will announce the location at least 5 days before the event.

What is the attire for this event?

Please dress appropriately. This is a Halloween-themed fundraiser for Chance 2 Dance, so wear a costume, but we ask that you don't wear anything that's over the top, that's going to scare our participants or anything that we would deem to be inappropriate.

How do admission & pledging work?

Admission is free for participants who have at least 2 sponsors/pledges/donors. You can fill out pledge forms online or print the PDF pledge form and bring it to the event. Otherwise, admission is $25 a participant.

If you receive donations before the event, bring them to the Dance-A-Thon along with a pledge form that lists each donor and amount of donation.

Online - on the previous page (, you can input a form for each donor/sponsor. We will be able to keep a running list for everyone. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know that we have received it, and you will not need to bring a printed version to the event.

Printed - if you input your sponsors using the printed PDF pledge form, and you have not input them online, bring the printed sheet with you to the event. Otherwise, we won't know that you have at least 2 sponsors/pledges/donors and you will be required to pay a $25 admission fee.

We recommend that you use the printed version to keep track of pledges but and every time you get a new pledge, that you enter them it online. This way, if something happens to the form, or it gets misplaced, we have a digital version of it. And you won't have to bring it with you to the event.

Do I have to fill out a separate online form for each of my pledges/donors?

Filling out an online form for each pledge/donor is preferred. The other option is to bring your printed pledge form with complete pledge and donor information to the event.

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