Studio Programs, Descriptions, Rates, and Schedules

The C2D Group Class Programs are designed to develop creativity through the study of basic techniques, improvisation, and imaginative dance while encouraging musicality, dynamics, and artistic expression. 


Dancers who participate in any of our group class programs will have opportunity to perform on stage at the Orlando Repertory Theatre in the Winter and Spring, thus, dancers will also be introduced to and learn the basic principles to learning choreography, practicing and rehearsing, and performance preparation skills.


Dance classes benefit the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of an individual; our instructors will utilize multiple props, teaching approaches and techniques to effectively meet the needs of the group and individual participants. 

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Studio Programs

Dancers are encouraged to participate in a Free Trial Class for appropriate class placement. Ages are recommended, not mandated. 

The 'Dance with Me' program is a 45- minute cooperative group class that meets once a week for dance participants who need 1:1 assistance throughout a structured group movement class. 1 family member, caretaker, or therapist may participate in dance class assisting their dancer throughout class, following cues and prompts from a certified C2D instructor. This class will focus on exploring new movements as it infuses general movement skills, gross and fine motor skills, range of motion exercises, flexibility and basic dance technique. These classes are intended for individuals prone to seizures, who have moderate- severe outbursts, cannot move independently or in a unaccompanied group setting, or has other assistance-based needs during dance class. 


*These classes will have 2 performance opportunities in the 2018/19 dance season: 

Winter Performance (Thursday December 20, 2018) and Annual Showcase Performance (Sunday May 19, 2019)


Maximum Class Size: 8 dancers + Caretakers


'Dance With Me' Classes Include: 

-Tiny Dancers (Ages 2- 6) 

- Primary Discovery Dance  (Ages 7-14) 

- Secondary Discovery Dance (Ages 14+) 

The Intro to Dance Class Program is a 45- minute introductory dance class that meets once a week for participants who can participate appropriately in a small group setting with a 4:1 instruction ratio and follow simple 1-2 step directional prompts and cues with minimal assistance. The 'Intro to Dance Classes' are designed for dancers of all ages and abilities who have never had a movement or dance class before who explore the basic fundamental dance styles. This is a combination dance class that includes the basic fundamental movement skills in the styles of: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Acrobatics. 

*Tap shoes are required for participants in this class, Ballet and Jazz shoes are optional. 


*These classes will have 2 performance opportunities in the 2018/19 dance season: 

Winter Performance (Thursday December 20, 2018) and Annual Showcase Performance (Sunday May 19, 2019)


Maximum Class Size: 10 dancers 


'Intro to Dance' Classes Include: 

- Youth Intro to Dance (Ages 10-17) 

-  Adult Intro to Dance (Ages 18+) 

The Combo Dance Class Program is a 60- minute combination dance class that focuses on 2 technical dance styles per class. This class meets once a week and is designed for individuals who can participate appropriately in a small group setting with a 5:1 instruction ratio and follow simple 2-3 step directional prompts and cues with minimal assistance. These group classes are inclusive for all levels and abilities and are generally recommended on an age-range basis. Families may choose to move up or down in age groups based on the cognitive processing or physical delays should the dependent choose a different age range is appropriate for their dancer. Technical Dance Styles offered: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre


*These classes will have 2 performance opportunities in the 2018/19 dance season: 

Winter Performance (Thursday December 20, 2018) and Annual Showcase Performance (Sunday May 19, 2019)


Maximum Class Size: 12 dancers 


Grouped Class Age Range: 

Elementary (Ages 5-8)

Intermediate (Ages 9-13)

Junior (Ages 14-21)

Adult (Ages 22+)

Group Class Rates:

*Must have a minimum of 4 dancers enrolled to hold class

**Group Classes are based on the total number of classes scheduled in the 2018/19 dance season, not based on the number classes per month. 

***Classes will not be prorated based on the days of instruction per month. 

****First-time dancers who enroll in the middle of the month may receive a prorated class rate, thereafter will not be eligible for prorated classes. 

*****Classes are already discounted based on total minutes of weekly instruction per individual dancer


Monthly rates per group class based on minutes of weekly instruction: 

45 minutes - $50.00

60 minutes - $55.00

90 minutes - $85.00

105 minutes - $90.00

120 minutes - $95.00

135 minutes - $105.00

150 minutes - $120.00

165 minutes - $125.00

180 minutes - $135.00


Group Class Family Discounts

*Families will receive $5.00 off for each additional dance participant in a group class. 

Chance 2 Dance provides individualized Private Lessons for dancers throughout Central Florida. Classes are offered In-Studio at our Sensory-Friendly Dance Studio or a Certified C2D Instructors can travel to your home to provide dance classes. During each session, a certified dance instructor will facilitate dance interventions, skills, strength and conditioning exercises and formal movement techniques designed to work on specific goals created during the dancers initial assessment to help improve their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. 

*Private Lesson regularity may vary from weekly, to bi-weekly, to monthly sessions. 

*Private Lessons are not prorated or discounted. 

*Dancers who enroll in weekly private lessons will receive half off for monthly Group Class Rates


In- Studio/ In-Home Private Lesson Rates: 

*30 Minutes- $40.00

*45 Minutes- $50.00

*60 Minutes- $60.00


(An Additional $2.00 per mile will be added to any In-Home Private Lesson rate for any homes outside of a 10 mile radius of the Chance 2 Dance Studio)

The Chance 2 Dance Performance Team is for the dancer interested in advancing their knowledge and experiences and who wants to be challenged in their skills, technique and abilities in the art of dance. Dancers must audition or be invited to be on the Performance Team based on their ability to participate in group classes appropriately and independently. This group has a 8:1 instructional ratio, thus, dancers must be able to work cooperatively in a large group. Dancers on the Performance Team must be able to perform on stage unassisted. The C2D Performance Team will represent Chance 2 Dance in multiple community outreach performance events, at least 1 regional dance competition, as well as the C2D Winter Performance and Annual Showcase Performance. Dancers must be enrolled in and regularly attend 1 weekly 'Combo Dance Class' of their choice. The Performance Team will be allotted opportunities with guest artists, workshop classes, and solo- performance opportunities. The Performance Team will meet for 90 minutes once a week to continue to develop their dance technique and abilities along with rehearsing set choreography for performances and competitions. 


C2D Performance Team Monthly Rate: $140.00


Performance Team Monthly Tuition Includes:

- Performance Team weekly class/rehearsal (90 minutes)

-Enrollment in 1 'Combo Group Class' (60 minutes)

- 2 costumes to be worn for performances 

-1  workshop class with guest teachers in the Fall

-1 workshop class with guest teachers in the Spring

-Any additional scheduled Performance Team rehearsals/classes

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