Inclusive & Accommodating Dance Classes 

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

- Martha Graham 

At Chance 2 Dance, our core belief is in unlocking and developing the artistic potential of individuals of all abilities. 

Chance 2 Dance has been recognized for creating an environment of inclusivity where children, youth and adults of all abilities and backgrounds can come together to harmoniously develop the dancer within. 


It is Chance 2 Dance's mission to provide children, youth, and adults with varying disabilities and special needs the opportunity to participate in a purposeful, quality dance program with professional dance instructors who are certified in inclusion and special needs.

To give back to the community and families through performance and community events; showcasing the talents and abilities of each individual participant, providing this population with opportunities they may not otherwise receive.

Chance 2 Dance, INC. is a 501c3 organization. 


The Chance 2 Dance Team is made up of unique individuals with a passion to promote the arts to a segment of the population who is too often over-looked. 


Our instructors are all educated professional dancers who are certified in inclusion and special needs training.


We provide a comprehensive, results-based, dance curriculum that is scalable and can be altered to work with any individual, regardless of ability. 


Chance 2 Dance was created because there are so few options available for those with disabilities to receive a quality, competent dance experience. C2D works with individuals and organizations who are looking for a genuine dance experience.


We teach in charter and prep schools, as well as teach residencies in public schools.


We teach in adult vocational facilities, church groups, with city governments and more. Our program can be scaled to work with any organization. 


We also have our own inclusive and accommodating studio with weekly classes in Casselberry, FL.

Thanks to our Program Sponsors!

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